cctalk Digest, Vol 18, Issue 97

From: Unibus <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 07:54:33 2005

> > That's fine, because if you play your cards right you'll most likely end
> > up out-living most of us here and then you can piss on all our graves.
> >
> It could be interesting to know the age"spread" of thist list contributors,
> and how long we've had the computer virus under our skin.
> I myself turn 60 next time, and have been in this business sinc 1967 or so,
> where I got a Cobol course as an "education by mail" (dont know the correct
> english term for that one
> Nico


Started as a radio apprentice in 1969 and the course included digital
(tube) logic, etc. ~1976 Paid for a short course in EduBasic on a
PDP8, then opened a commercial account at Control Data to get access
to processor time (Kronos and Scope). In those days you were taken
into the store room and you walked out with whatever manual took your
fancy. Best investment I ever made, didn't cost to open the account,
just paid for usage. Played with BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, Athena, etc.
Won't bore you with the rest

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