Jef Raskin

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Date: Sun Feb 27 08:16:43 2005

I didn't realize that he was ill. I just finished reading Revolution in the
Valley. Although he is sometimes treated as a sideshow in the history of the
Macintosh, I believe that he's one of Classic Computing's Great Thinkers.

My wishes and prayers go out to his family.

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Sorry to have to break this news. I just learned this tonight. I have no
other details.


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Dear Friends,

Jef died this evening, surrounded by friends and
family, with some favorite music playing. While I am
overcome by a profound sense of sadness and am not
looking forward the the days, weeks and years ahead
without him, I am also relieved that he did not suffer
for a long time and that he is at peace and no longer
in pain.

There will be a memorial service, time and date to be

Much love-


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