From: Merle K. Peirce <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 08:35:50 2005

I'm 60, 61 next week. I was not really very fond of computers, and still
have a very nasty antagonism for sloppy programme planning. (Some idiots
not only do not know what material to ask for, they don't know what to do
with it after they get it). As a result, I was late to join
the computer scene. My first machine was a C-128D, although I
dreamed about a Memotech. I don't programme or have very much
interst in electronics. My degrees are in English. Since I
now qualify for free tuition, I have gone back and am planning
to get degrees in Film Studies. So, my orientation is
entirely towards The Adolescence of P1 and Desk Set rather
than RT-11 or hardware. Oddly, though, I have become very
interested in the history of these old machines, especially
Wang. I don not think people really appreciate the wonderful
things that computers have been able to do for the art of

M. K. Peirce

Rhode Island Computer Museum, Inc.
Shady Lea, Rhode Island

"Casta est quam nemo rogavit."
              - Ovid
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