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Date: Sun Feb 27 12:50:36 2005

Ok, I guess I'll bite too.

Age: 42 (born in 1962)

First significant computer exposure was in '76 or '77 with
my cousin's Altair 8800. Then spent a couple of summers
in high school at university programs where I got to play
with PDP-11s, some of the HP lab "calculators" and the
Heathkit analog computer we all wish we had. While still
in high school, I picked up a couple of 6800 based thingies.

Went to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for BS in CS
and EE. More fun with PDP-11s and a little with a VAX 11/780.
This was my first exposure to UNIX.

Then went to work for a telecom equipment compant first in
engineering then in research. While in the research center,
I did an MS in EE at Notre Dame.

Next step was going back to school full-time at Purdue for
a Ph.D. in CS (machine learning).

After that I've taught at Rhodes College, worked for a telemetry
company, an aftermarket automotive electronics company and now
doing R&D at a logistics/shipping company and teaching part-time
at University of Memphis.

Brian L. Stuart
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