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From: Jay West <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 13:10:25 2005

Doc wrote...
> Jay, we've recently converted some clients' mailservers from mbox to
> maildir operation. I used a Perl script named to migrate all the
> client accounts' mail archives.
> If having each spool as a directory and post as a separate file in the
> directory will help, grab mb2md. It's very well-documented and as far as
> I can tell it's completely reliable.

To my knowledge anyways, I don't believe mailman will deal with maildir
format. I think it requires it's files to be mbox.

I did get a utility that would expand an mbox file to a psuedo maildir
format (not as an end in itself, but just to do it's work), then de-dupe the
resulting messages, sort them, and rebuild the mailbox files with any date
range you wanted. However, after I tried to use it I noticed it was
extremely slow. So I dug into the code a bit, and it was using the unix
filesystem to perform it's sort. Argh! So I pitched that approach :)

Anyways, things are progressing... one thing I can't figure out exactly what
to do with. The classiccmp list was originally one list, "classiccmp". Then
it split into cctech and cctalk. There's never any posts to cctech that
don't automatically wind up on cctalk, so there's really not much sense in
maintaining a cctech archive. However, members of cctech by default can't
see the cctalk archives and vice versa. So it's easiest to just let them
each have their own archives, no big deal. But where do I put the archives
before the split? Doesn't appear to be an easy way to set up a dummy list
for the old classiccmp and even if there was - it's silly to expect someone
doing research to have to search two or three lists separately.

What seems to make the most sense to me is to put the classiccmp archives in
the cctalk archives. That's logical anyways, because cctech was the actual
splitoff. Hummm we'll see.

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