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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:22:22 2005

to be complete and operable even though it is listed as condition "F." If
someone was close the lot could be a good buy.

The HP disk drive should be saved. There are very few left because they are
such good clean aluminum and gold scrap. Those older HP drives are $$$ in a
scrappers eyes and they would not even think of offering it to a collector.
Few survive. Some even came with a HP-IB interface.

We all know the government has a penchant for spending $700 for hammers. The
valuation is what it cost the Govt., often the total cost, which included
installation, SW and other goodies, which you don't get.

Needs someone close to bid on it and go pick it up. Sometimes there are
inspection dates.

Astoria, OR
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