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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:22:22 2005

PS/2 keyboards/mice. It's the older machines (like the Personal IRIS) that
need special SGI input devices. It's possible that the older Indigos (the
ones that can't run IRIX 6.x) don't use PS/2. said:
> Well, jsut aquired myself a nice sgi indigo, the only issue I think I may
> of been given the wrong mouse...
> Now if any listmembers, happen to have an indigo, can you tell me the part
> number of the mouse, the mouse I have is 9150809 which I think is for an
> Indigo 2, but then I could be wrong...
> Nice machine tho, it has no hard drive, or any of the sleds, but that
> isn't too much of an issue, as I will use an external scsi drive. But the
> monitor is huge, about 20 inch I think its silicon graphics branded, but
> made by mitsubishi (I think) and the monitor is in good condition..
> The best thing about it, is the cost.. I got it for nothing, which is nice
> down here in australia. as I very rarely see anything which is free to a
> good home...
> Benjamin
- Dan Wright

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