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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:22:22 2005

Here's the bits on the IBM equipment up for grabs. Sounds like it
would be more trouble than any sane person would go to. Quoting from
the operations manager:

  It's the instruction processor & related support processor. The model
  is an IBM ES9121-570. Three 20MIP internal processors, 512MB of memory
  and a bunch of parallel & ESCON (fiber) channel cards. If memory serves --
  24 parallel channels and 26 or 27 ESCON channels. The gotcha here is
  that it's on the raised floor. If there's a taker for the boxes, they'd
  be responsible for getting it off the raised floor & out the door. We'll
  disconnect the power. Given the size & weight, I'd expect some fairly
  experienced movers to be involved -- we don't want any liability issues
  with the move.
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