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I believe the UYK-43 and UYK-44 computers were intended as replacements for
UYK-7 and UYK-20 systems. The UYK-7, and its replacement (UYK-43) were
32-bit large, water-cooled critters, short on CPU but long on I/O capability
(even by modern standards). The UYK-43 supported _Lots_ of I/O via
an I/O Co-processor arrangement. These systems were intended to handle
combat systems software suites.

The UYK-20 and it's follow-on (UYK-44) were intended for more localized
(embedded) applications. They were 16-bit, quite a bit smaller, (and I think
they were either conduction or air cooled?... I don't quite remember). The
-20 utilized core memory, and there _may_ have been a semiconductor memory
option for the -44 as well. The -20 has a toggle-switch type front panel,
accessible from the inside of the front door. The -44 may have had a keypad
type front-panel (my memory is fuzzy on this).

I believe both systems utilized NTDS-type serial and parallel interfaces for
all their I/O. Very expensive (and fragile) connectors when in a vulnerable
(i.e. exposed) state, but capable of withstanding quite a bit of abuse when
bolted-in. Of course, all the systems above were built like wells-fargo
and had all the usual military attributes... things like battle-short

BTW, all the above is just what I've been able to remember vaguely from a
few years ago... I may have made some blaring errors... If anyone knows
of mistakes in the above, please feel absolutely free to speak up and
correct the errors!


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> Along with the additional UYK-20 computers I found some
> parts of some AN/UYK-44s. I know that they were used similar
> to the UYK-20s. Does anyone have any detailed info about
> them? FWIW they also use core memory. I found that they use
> the Quadri core memory blocks that I was asking about and
> posted the picture of about two months ago.
> Picture at:
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   One of the parts that I got was the operator/programmer's console.
There's a close up picture of one at:



AN/UYK-44(V) Computer
The AN/UYK-44 computer is the standard 16-bit computer installed in U.S.
Navy surface, submarine, and ground C4I platforms. The UYK-44 provides
computing power for more than 40 different command, control, communications,
and weapon systems. Tactical Systems has been under contract to
NAVSEASYSCOM since 1980 and has delivered more than 2,500 computers through
September 2000, including UYK-44 open-system modules and enhanced
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