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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:22:22 2005

depending on the vintage and model of C=

Early VIC-20's used a single 9vAC power brick with a two pin plug. The
diodes, filter cap, and 5V regulator were built into the VIC.

Later VIC's had the C=64 power supply with DIN plug. This provided 5V
and 9v ac. The heat from the regulator caused failures in early VICs
when used as a game box on a carpet floor with no ventilation around the
heat sink, those parts were removed and the power supply had them now.
The VIC ran off of 5V DC exclusively, and the AC output was not needed.

Early c=64 had a repairable supply (screws in the case), 5V DC and 9v AC
were fed through the DIN plug. The AC drove a +12v line for some of the
chips. Mine didn't fail, but I had to add another filter cap on the 5V
line to eliminate hum.

Later c=64 had a sealed supply, same voltages. These are the throwaway
items, unless you can crack one open without destroying it.

The C=128 used the beige box, same voltages but slightly higher current
outputs. The 128 had a square DIN plug that was also used on the Amiga
500/1200/600, but wired differently, so don't use it on an Amiga. I
have an extra 128 PS that I'm going to put a second pigtail on, for the
C=64. If it feels heavy, it is for the 128; if it feels light, it is
for an Amiga (switcher PS).

The beige box is the heftiest of the power supplies, and best for the
serious user. Or build an OEM switching power supply into a box.

Gary Hildebrand
St. Joseph, MO
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