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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:22:22 2005

we have installed and working from eight to ten years ago.

The machine has an approximate dimensions of:

2,5 meters tall
12 meters long
2 meters wide

I suppose that some museum in Europe could be interested in get this
at least to exhibit it without working. In next days I shall try to exhibit
some photos of it.

We have some other IBM material ready to get. By the moment, one Mainframe,
and possibly some Control Units and disks.

In my work, at least by the moment they only have in mind:

* You must go here to get the stuff (Santander, SPain, Europe)
* The costs of shipping and dismount it are yours.
* There is one businness in Bilbao that pays us some money according to the
weight of
   the metal in the machines. Not many, but some money. I must clear this

For my part, If somebody is interested in this stuff and I could help to
provide it to him,
I should like to obtain one PDP or old VAX if it could be possible. In PDPs
I'm searching
one 44 and 70 from long time ago, and one PDP8/E. In VAX one VAX-11 (mainly
of medium/little size).

Of course is not a condition, only a desire :-) I am paid only having one
to put these machines out of the trash.


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