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- Diluted Windex works well for cases, plastic fittings and metal frame

- Wooden ice-cream sticks or tongue depressors make wonderful scrapers.

- Pencil erasers work in a multitude of places, on a multitude of things...

- (Alcohol-based) Contact cleaners work well for temperature-variable and
multi-pin connectors (including releasing them!).

- Warm, soapy water works well for chips, as long as you can afford to let
them sit for a week afterward, pins-down, in a warm/dry place to ensure
they're completely dried-out. (Then store in dry/cold/as airless as

**Watch-out rubbing it off with your bare fingers: you can generate ESD
(static electricity) and fry sensitive circuits/components!

**DO NOT use oil-based cleaners (e.g.: WD-40) ANYWHERE in your system - even
on a stuck cooling fan.
        ** They NEVER dry,
        ** They collect and pack even MORE grime,
        ** And, when you turn on the affected piece, the oil will splatter
around inside your box, with disasterous results!

[Note: Water may actually be one of the LEAST harmful cleaners! On
11/2/01, a week before the WTC debacle, my primary network server system
survived a house fire, and the comensurate hosing-down from the fire
department. Its was in its bare cage frame -- the box cover was in another
room (and melted to slag!). After a week, and just fer giggles, I hooked it
all up and fired it up. The only things I lost in that frame were a single
64MB/PC-100 memory stick, and the keyboard PS/2 connector. Everything else
is STILL working in one or another boxes at home now... However, as for
the monitor, printers, keyboard, mouse, etc -- well... (looks skyward...)]


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> Subject: Home to remove monumental grime?
> Can anyone suggest a safe way to remove grime that is so old and so thick
> that the only way to remove it is to rub it off with your bare fingers?
> I slathered this board in contact cleaner and it didn't do anything. The
> grime just remained. If I rub it with my bare fingers then it will
> eventually start to rub off and leave little remainders like pencil eraser
> droppings.
> Any ideas?
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