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Okay, Microsoft Outlook has some really interesting quirks. One of them is
that it displays a little pop-up message on the screen when a new piece of
mail arrives. It's a small preview box, containing who the mail is from,
when it was sent, the subject line, and a snippet of the message itself.

The snippet I got for this particular message was a good one:

        "I'm 30.

        It's a simple story. Parents bought my brother"

Now, I don't know why, but I was expecting something other than the
follow-up of "and I an Intellivision" when I opened the e-mail.

I mean no offense, but for some reason I was thinking the full message would
be more along the lines of a Weekly World News story about how your parents
had bought your brother and you from space aliens or something. The actual
story about the game consoles was a little bit of a letdown.

Again, I intend no disrespect -- for my own part, my mother always told me
that I looked like the milkman when I asked her which side of the family I

-- Tony

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I'm 30.

It's a simple story. Parents bought my brother and I an Intellivision, with
just Pong, I don't remember if it was the late 1970s or early 1980s. Then
graduated to an Atari VCS (it wasn't a real '2600'). At school, I learned
-- pretty sure the hardware was Commodore but I don't remember 100%. That
must've been in fourth or fifth grade; they school had just a couple of
computers on these big wheeled carts, and once a week they'd bring them into
each classroom for a couple of hours. LOL, for other kids the happiest time
school was lunch or gym or recess or just Friday: for me it computer day.
sixth grade we got Apple II+ computers in school; my brother (three years
older) got a IIe for his bar mitzvah present. I pretty much took over that
one. Used it all the way through high school and jumped directly to a 386

It was completely by accident that I started collecting handhelds a few
years ago.

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