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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:35:59 2005

Parallel port are all driven from the Yamaha sound

Atari decided to save a couple cents on each machine
by not buffering the select signals. They are pretty
dicey so that if you hook up a generic 720k Floppy
drive, you sometimes have trouble with them.

There was a mod that would add the buffering to the
sound chip.

I'm looking for it myself to put in my own unit. As
I'm using two external DS 720k drives on it rather
than the SS 360k Atari Drive.

Drive mechanisms have been known to go bad on the
ST's. They weren't the highest quality mechanisms.

Try getting a generic 720k drive and putting it on...

Is this an internal or external drive?

Al Hartman

> From: "Witchy" <>
> > > but it appears that the floppy is toast since it
> > > continually tries to seek track 0 and won't
> > > read/write even Atari format disks.

> > I'm not shure, but wheren't the floppy select
> > signals also generated by the keyboard controller?

> They were/are on the Amiga (Paula) but I'm not sure
> about the ST. I'm hopefully getting another ST this
> week, and I'll also play swapsies with the museum's
> ST to see if the keyboard is breaking the floppy.
> Nobody mentioned that on though.
> cheers
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