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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:35:59 2005

panel, how much faster I don't remember.

>On a related note (hopefully not too far OT), does anyone have a Mac
>OS 8.5 system/install CD, that will work with a non-G3 PowerPC
>(e.g. 7200/90), that they can clone for me? I'm willing to send some
>new blank CDs or a floppy copy of the software for the II/e board,
>etc. in exchange.

I could use a copy myself, trying to get a stable system using system files
found on various hard drives is no fun.
Can anyone make it available for download? Preferably a .BIN image I can
burn on a PC or a self mounting image for the Mac (I don't have a CDR on
any of my macs).

>One more question for the Apple gurus on this list: will a monitor
>used with an LC work with a IIgs?

No. Both are analog RGB, but the IIgs outputs 15Khz H.sync, the LC 35Khz
H.sync (in 640x480). If you want one monitor that will work on both look
for something like an NEC Multisync 1 or 2. If you just need a monitor for
the IIgs look for a Commodore 1084 or similar.
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