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Subject: [swap] FS: some SW, and a couple of SGI Indys (for LEM)

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Hi folks!

Well, I don't have 'em on me at the moment (so I might be off on the
versions), but I have available (for the LEM Fund):

Heavy Metal: FAKK (2?)
Adobe PageMill (3, I think)

(2x) SGI Indy Workstations:
One has an "open" floppy drive (I think there's a drive in there);
One has a "closed" floppy drive (blocked with metal plate inside);
Both come with one "IndyCam" + Microphone;
Both come with SGI Mouse;
Only 1 SGI Keyboard between the two.
These are surplus items I picked up, they take a special monitor (or monitor
adapter), so I haven't been able to test them.

(I know they're not Macs, but I figured *someone* on the list might be
interested in playing with an Indy ;) ), howzabout $5 each (shipped) for the software CDs, and $30 each (+
shipping) for the Indys? All proceeds go to the LEM fund.

I'm located in Virginia Beach, VA 23452.

Kevin Copeland
ebay: captkevman

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