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"there" at that time), we used thickwire as a backbone, interconnecting
local segments of thinwire... which, often, in turn interconnected
system "farms" with AUI to AUI concentrators (DELNI's et al). Only
few of the systems had direct-thinwire connection (mostly the big
systems) and only one machine had a direct thicknet (through an AUI
cable to a thickwire tap) connection.

> Even thickwire tended to be mostly a big yellow snake in the ceiling
> dropping down to racks with DELNIs and then AUI to everything in the
> rack.
Yep. Thats how we did it, too. I could often be found somewhere in
the building, on a wobbly staircase, with my head stuck in the ceiling,
with the muffled sounds of me cursing at the tap being messed up :)

(some cable techs could not be made to understand that you have to tap
the cable AT the black line, not inbetween two lines...)

> > DECnet (MOP, to be more precise) was used for software download and
> > from terminal ports to hosts on the net). LAT is *not* part of DECnet
> > (which is often claimed), it's a separate protocol. However, it was
> > common to run LAT on a host that also would run DECnet.
> MOP isn't part of DECnet either.
> > The DECserver 100 hardware is, BTW, based on a Motorola
> > 68000, and there
> > is even a low-level monitor program included in the load software, so
> > you can retrieve hex dumps from the DECserver's memory etc.
> There used to be a tech manual for one of (or maybe both of) the
> DS100 or DS200 with enough detail that you could write your own
> firmware for it. I've never seen that manual, but it would be
> nice if it magically appeared and someone scanned it for us!
Yea. I have seen the DS500 source code, and it looks like that has
actually evolved from the earlier DS100 and DS200 systems.

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