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From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Tue Feb 1 11:31:33 2005

>From: "Stan Barr" <>
>Roger Merchberger said:
>> Over on the Model 100 list, a listmember there was able to get the book
>> 'Thinking Forth' republished in PDF format through it's author, Leo Brodie.

 Even if you never intend to program in Forth, the
book, "Thinking Forth", is recommended reading. The
methods of creating working, bug free code that
comes so naturally when using Forth right are
also useful when creating programs in most any
other language ( including C ).
 This book talks about methods in problem solving
and how to quickly progress from the concept of
a program to the actual results. Most of the other
books on Forth are just language tutorials. This
book is about problem solving that just happens
to use Forth for examples.
 Read it, It will make you a better man ( or woman ).
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