From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Tue Feb 1 19:23:34 2005

I'd love to get some feedback from an experianced Forth user.

Especially one who has an HP1000 CPU needing software.

As a HP collector I've long wanted a portable software tool I could used to
up and actually use machines with at little as 4K words of core.

I'd read about Forth and (correctly) decided that a threaded interpreter
would be
the most practical approach. I read 'Threaded Interpretive Languages..."
and saw
that the psudocode for the 'generic' inner interpreter ~was~ HP assembler
with a
few subroutines to implement stacks. Odd for a machine without a stack,

So another HP fan and I built a threaded interpreter that is clearly NOT
Forth, but
it is Forth-like.

Forth itself was just too terse, but seductivly efficient. IPL has a number
of structural
differences from Forth, and it would be helpful to hear a Forth user's
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