Not classic, but related (20-pin mac floppy cable)

From: David H. Barr <>
Date: Tue Feb 1 20:35:28 2005

I've recently come into posession of a "dead" iMac that appears to
exhibit all the symptoms of a firmware / OSX 10.3 mismatch (thanks
Google!). Using the info from r3uk ( ), I have the imac all taken
apart in a safe and orderly fashion so that I shouldn't have too many
extra bits after it's all one piece again.

The "resurrection" process (
) involves a 20-pin Mac cable, and that's where this list comes in.
Does anyone have an "old Mac floppy disk connector cable" that they
could stuff in an envelope and mail me on the cheap? This is my first
foray into Macdom, so I don't have any local contacts to get parts
from. Anyhoo, will gladly paypal you the $$ for shipping.


PS: If the resurrect doesn't work, I'm going to try replacing the
flyback transformer ( ).
Between the classiccmp and LinuxBIOS projects, I almost feel like I
wasn't born 15 years too late for the revolution... almost.
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