machine room organization

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Feb 1 23:48:03 2005

> > And if you have Sun 3s, PERQs, D-machines, HP9000s, etc you're out of
> > luck...
> I'm willing to bet you could put most of those on a serial console server
> (Xyplex or DECserver of some flavor), if you could live without a
> graphics console.

What the heck's the point of a PERQ without a graphical display? Anyway,
although there are 1 or 2 RS232 ports built-in, POS certainly doesn't
support a serial console

> Tony, I'm suprised that HP9000s (assuming you mean the PA-RISC ones)
> aren't too new/custom/hard to reverse-engineer/fix for you. :) Or, are

They probably are. I didn't say I _had_ all those machines, I was just
thinking of machines that wouldn't work with a normal KVM switch.
Certainly some HP9000s use HP-HIL keyboards/mice (which is nothing like
HPIL...), and which I doubt are supported by any nornmal KVM switch.

> you referring to the 68k-based HP machines?

I do have a few 9000/340s somewhere, they are full of ASICs (and a 68030
CPU). I've never seriously done anything with them, mostly for that reason.

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