does anybody remember who was building generic front panels

From: Gooijen H <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 04:05:11 2005

> So what are the part numbers of the switches you used?

I will try to find out and reply here.

> In my case I have *NO* tools of any kind or the practical
> knowledge of the metalworking to be done so in my case I
> have get other people to do the work so FrontPanelExpress
> is most likely the way I will go.

Do you have ideas how to close the holes of the LEDs in the
frontpanel, or will you leave them open ?

> > ... price of switches ...
> $4??? I have been looking at switches and they range from 25
> cents (surplus ) to $25+ each and you still have the display
> to worry about. Also it seems that you have more display
> options than just leds but that is more $$$ yet.

True. You can make it as expensive as you like, but I would
stay away from the surplus switches, unless you can get a few
more than you need to 1) pick the good functioning ones, and
2) select the ones the look best. Also a matter of taste.

> In my case I belive PCB's are a better option than wire
> wrapping. In my case I have more time than skill so doing
> computer work is easy as compared to mechanical stuff.


> By using CPLD's I hope to get the cpu and memory and I/O on
> one board and just have the front panel I/O come out. The
> only real problem with me doing a hardware version of the 8
> is the complex hardware for extended memory and hardware
> details that you don't expect. Since the CPLD's are
> reprogramable I could do almost any small computer that is
> not micro-programmed or have lots of registers.

Search for PDP8/X ! You might be doing some work what's been
done before, but my memory is vague on the details of that

> Has anybody tried using the white leds for displays?

Have not checked those. Also (in The Netherlands) they cost
more than the orange/yellowish ones.

> The other chicken and the egg problem is knowing just what
> to buy, since you practicaly have to build it first to get
> what ideas and parts you need.

As said, lots of planning and reviewing in advance is needed
before you start making/buying/working on the project :~)
It helped me to do some raw sketches on paper to visualise
what I had in mind.

- Henk.

BTW, if you decide to go with FrontPanelExpress, I would love
to see the results! I am not a candidate to buy one, as I got
my pdp8/e panel version already ;~)
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