does anybody remember who was building generic front panels

From: Gooijen H <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 09:06:11 2005

> Future-Active Electronics (the URL below is correct) uses the
> manufacturer part numbers for their catalog numbers. For the
> Altair32 Front Panel Project, the switches are as follows:
> Standard toggles: C&K 7101SYCQE
> Momentary toggles: C&K 7105SYCQE
> These are PC-mounted with a threaded collar and a
> 0.420" bat length.
> E-Switch also makes a switch that's comparable.

I checked the site, but there is no picture to go with it :~(

> Regarding the front panel, I too am looking into FP Express
> for the Altair dress panel. With the help of one of my
> emulator cohorts, we created an exact replica of the dress
> panel. The FPE cost was about $110 in single-unit quantities.

Pictures !!! :~) or a URL to the project ...

<snip snip snip a lot>
The initial cost was for me also a reason not to start with FP
Express. Development cost are high as we all know. Since this is
a hobby and collecting the stuff is already *not* cheap and I'm
on a tight budget, were all good reasons to try doing it myself.

- Henk.
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