Too many tapes, Too much TTL, I want my garage back

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 11:49:46 2005

I've had to ship parts cabinets before, it's tedious. The easiest
way is to get a bunch of ziplock bags big enough to simply toss
the drawer, and all it's parts, into. It'll jumble up in the bag,
bag only if the drawer is multiply divided, in which case you'll have
to resort at the other end (if the drawers are old enough, there's
likely some mixing anyways).

"If a job is worth doing it's worth doing badly."(1) Seriously --
it is the difference between having the chips (with jumble) or not
t all (job too daunting).

(1) William S. Burroughs apparently pointed out this observation
to a schoolteacher and was displeased with the results. On topic:
his family is that Burroughs, family sold out the business in the
1920's? thereabouts, apparantly seeing no future in calculating
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