Using 3.5" HD drives on CP/M systems

From: Liam Proven <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 13:18:46 2005

On Sun, 30 Jan 2005 10:09:08 GMT, Pete Turnbull
<> wrote:
> On Jan 29 2005, 18:26, Glen Slick wrote:

> Hmm, maybe; maybe not. A Beeb enthusiast named John Kortink has
> produced an MMC interface for a BBC Micro.

The same chap has also built a device, sold commercially, called
ViewFinder which allows certain AGP graphics cards to be connected to
the Acorn RISC PC's podule bus, complete with accelerated RISC-OS
display drivers. Quite a coder.

Closer to home for CP/M, there is a CF interface for the Z80-based
Sinclair ZX Spectrum:

This page links to schematics, firmware and so on. I believe CF cards
are quite simple to interface to, and with an external PSU, the same
interface (with slightly modified firmware) can also drive IDE hard

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