[OT] USB KVM switches

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Wed Feb 2 14:41:39 2005

>I have used 3 different cameras with USB connectors on them. None
>of the cables are interchangable, and none of them are the same as the
>"standard" one used for printers and such.
>It seems like every camera manufacturer has decided to create their
>own "standard" small USB connector, different from all the others.

I've only ever noticed the following USB connectors

A, B, and mini

A is the kind you find on a computer (rectangle, comes in Male and Female)
B is the kind you find on a printer (square, comes in Male and Female)
Mini is the kind you usually find on smaller devices like cameras and
PDAs (small rectangle, comes in Male and Female).

I do have an early USB camera that used an A Female on the camera (ie:
you could plug a mouse into if you wanted, same connector you find on a
computer). That was a bit of an annoyance when I misplaced the cable and
had to track down a A Male to A Male cable (A to B and A Male to A Female
are easy to find).

But I've not noticed any other kinds of USB connectors, or any other
styles of mini on other cameras (although I do see cameras with a
Firewire/IEEE-1394 4 pin connector, and that looks sort of like a mini
USB, but they aren't interchangable).

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