nonstandard D-sub connectors (was Re: [OT] USB KVM switches)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 14:53:52 2005

Roger wrote:
> Same with the (and Tony's gonna blast me, but I don't know the correct
> nomenclature) DB-19 (is it a DF-19 maybe?) that the Falcons used for their
> video out...

AFAIK, the 19, 21, and 23 pin D-sub connectors don't use standard shell
sizes, so they probably don't have an official Dx prefix.

Apple used the 19 D-sub for their external floppy connectors, vs. the 20-pin
dual row header used for internal connectors. Except the Apple III, which
IIRC used a 26-pin dual-row header for their *external* floppy connector.
I think that was changed on the Apple III+.

The Amiga used a 23-pin D-sub for their external floppy connector.

I saw a 21-pin D-sub on something, but now I've forgotten what.

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