NOVA4 6070 disk booboo

From: George & Oksana Wiegand <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 16:05:58 2005

I had a 6045 disk system (1/2 the density of the 6070) with a head crash on
the top surface of the fixed platter about 3/4" in from the edge. One of the
idlets that are mounted in the white ceramic head came out, so I took this
one head assembly off but first measuring it's alignment with a feeler
gauge, cleaned and super glued the idlet back into the head and replaced it
with the alignment reading taken earlier. It worked, booted Ok, the damage
must have been in the unused portion of the disk platter.

Is the blower working though the filter to generate a cushion of air for the
head to ride on? I thought this is how it works, not only for dust removal.
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