New Find: AS400

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 19:51:02 2005

>>> I gave up on the idea of running any of the old CISC-based
>>> AS/400 boxes because the OS/400 license for those is non-
>>> transferrable, it costs a lot of money to buy a license,
>>> and the service processor assumes that if the machine has
>>> been powered down for more than 40 days, the machine may
>>> have been sold, so it demands a password that you have to
>>> have IBM generate for you before you can get it going again.
>>> The RISC-based AS/400 systems apparently don't have this
>>> problem; IBM changed their licensing policy so that OS/400
>>> can be transferred, but they didn't change that for the
>>> CISC-based machines. :-(
>>> Eric

Eric, Are you sure???

I don't deal with the AS/400 much, but a good friend of mine does. I was
under the impression that IBM would provide a password for non-commercial
use on the CICS machine assuming a valid chain of ownership was

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