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From: Loboyko Steve <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 23:32:11 2005

I used white LED's in my still not complete "Scelbi
2002" front panel at:

The front panel uses frosted _white_ LED's. These are
suprisingly hard to find and unless you shop carefully
on eBay they cost a lot more.

They look OK, but I considered pulse width modulation
of the LED's so that their brightness ramp would
emulate a lightbulb. This is fairly easy to do with a
fast microcontroller like a Ubicom but it's a lot of
I/O and wiring!

The panel was made by Front Panel Express. The
software is easy even for casual use - it required a
minimal investment in time to get good enough with it.
Absolutely first class, expensive, the results were
worth it. I wish I would have thought more about the
lettering before having them execute the design,

The SPDT (unfortunately not DPDT) switches on this
panel are the result of a one time buy, I wish I could
get more, but they lent themselves to actually
installing springs to turn them into momentary
switches that click!

-Steve Loboyko

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