NOVA4 6070 disk

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 00:43:29 2005

Well, it worked, but failed anyways.

The replacement and cleaning worked for the fixed platter just
fine, but I crashed the removable platter.

The fixed platter repair went as planned. The platter dropped in,
the heads cleaned and installed OK, aligned OK. The upper heads
went in OK, did the basic mechanical alignment and since they're
accessible, did a final clean in-place.

(While the bottom platter was out I wiped everything down with a
kimwipe and 99.5% isopropyl.)

I was exceedingly careful and clean, and I don't know how to
diagnose what happened. Possibly the head got canted in it's
holder during cleaning, removal or installation, no way to tell. I
went out of my way to not apply torque to the end of the head, and
it wouldn't seem too delicate; when the heads are retracted they
are lifted on one side of the carrier, which applies a lot of
off-center force.

I followed the remove/install procedures to the letter.
Iropnically, the lower platter heads seem to have floated OK so
the repair worked.
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