Radio Shack slogan (was Re: [OT] USB KVM switches)

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 08:37:26 2005

>>>>> "Philip" == Philip Pemberton <> writes:

 Philip> In message
 Philip> <60963.> "Eric
 Philip> Smith" <> wrote:

>> The salesman was curious as to why I kept buying fuses. I
>> explained what I was doing. He told me that I should just short
>> across the fuse holder.

 Philip> Ack! I had a similar experience in Maplin (big UK
 Philip> electronics store chain) once. I went in to buy a 5V PSU for
 Philip> a LAN hub. After explaining what I wanted to the ID-ten-T
 Philip> behind the counter, he scuttled off to track down a PSU. What
 Philip> he came back with was a 15V PSU. His response was: "We've run
 Philip> out of 5V supplies, but this 15V will work fine. Don't worry,
 Philip> your stuff will just drop the voltage it doesn't need."

 Philip> Needless to say I thanked the salesdroid for his "advice",...

You're amazingly tolerant or kind. In your place, I might well have
called the guy an utter moron, loud enough for everyone in the store
to hear. That, and/or a letter to the district manager.

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