Radio Shack slogan (was Re: [OT] USB KVM switches)

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 09:47:17 2005

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, Eric Smith wrote:

> Once I was trying to repair a Battlezone arcade game. The main
> fuse in the X-Y monitor had blown. I went to Radio Shack to get
> a replacement fuse, thinking that the failure might have just been
> due to a transient. The replacement blew. I tracked down and fixed
> what I thought was the problem, and went back to Radio Shack for
> another fuse. That one blew too. I spent more time studying it,
> and found a failed deflection transistor. So I scrounged a replacement
> transistor, and went back to Radio Shack for another fuse.

Silly rabbit. Always buy four more fuses than you think you need. It'll
save you the 2nd and 3rd trip ;)

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