does anybody remember who was building generic front panels

From: woodelf <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 12:44:32 2005

John Lawson wrote:

> I have had good luck finding 'rare' switches (that I needed to match
> exactly to existing ones on a panel) from Electroswitch. They're a bit
> pricey and it takes some time to get them, but they will sell
> custom-ordered devices in small lots.

Nice site, nice switches.

> I've used them to match toggle switches on 25-year-old military gear
> that I was refurbing.
So what is pricey?
I still may get the cheap 5/$100 style surplus switches if I can find a
few good push button switches
( keypad style ). I just need Address load - deposit - next and
sigle step , the rest are data switches
and run/pannel.
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