Greed-Bay Scam Warning

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 13:57:25 2005

   You mean see what site he prirates them from!


At 10:03 AM 2/3/05 -0500, Rich wrote:
>Ask for pictures and see what he sends.
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>Subject: Greed-Bay Scam Warning
> This one should be obvious to anyone with a little common sense, but
>I figured I'd put out the alert anyway.
> Seller is brand new, zero feedback. They're allegedly offering a
>Unisite programmer, but they provide no pictures at all. There's a grossly
>high opening bid with a reserve, and the seller claims that it comes with a
>"monitor and keyboard" when the Unisite doesn't even have built-in ports for
>such (it uses a dumb terminal).
> If the URL is not reproduced, search for item #5162333516.
> I really wish the creep involved had actually broken some Ebay rule
>that they could nail him on, but no such luck (yet). Anyway, I'd stay well
>clear of this one.
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