Computers for hackers/enthusiasts (was Re: [OT] USB KVM switches)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 14:42:40 2005

Tom wrote:
> No one ever built commercial computer gear for the likes of us.

Ethan wrote:
> Not as an intended audience... no.

Wasn't the Apple II "commercial computer gear"? What about the
original IBM PC? Both were sold commercially, but both were designed
and documented for people to hack on.

Copying the Apple II with regard to having published documentation
readily available on the expansion slots and BIOS may have been one of
the best moves IBM ever made. Some people think it was a bad move
since it opened the door for clones, but if they hadn't, I don't think
they would have sold nearly as many units, and the market might have
retained much greater diversity. Diversity is certainly good in a
way, but general-purpose computers might not have become nearly as
ubiquitous as they are now.
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