Greed-Bay Scam Warning

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 14:50:30 2005

Bruce wrote about the auction of a Data I/O Unisite on eBay:
> They're allegedly offering a Unisite programmer, but they provide no
> pictures at all. There's a grossly high opening bid with a reserve,

Must be a pretty inexperienced seller. Nobody I know would bid on
that sight unseen, even if the opening bid was reasonable.

> and the seller claims that it comes with a
> "monitor and keyboard" when the Unisite doesn't even have built-in ports
> for such (it uses a dumb terminal).

Offering the benfit of the doubt, the "monitor and keyboard" the seller
is including may well be a dumb terminal.

> Anyway, I'd stay well clear of this one.

If I was interested, I'd ask the seller for pictures. But I already
have two Unisites.

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