solved (was data I/O promlink oddity)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 14:55:59 2005

Jay wrote about different versions of Data I/O Promlink and different
I/O formats:
> the output file was 256 bytes.
[...] On switching to promlink
> the output file was 629 bytes with this.
> Now the dump was 512 bytes,
> I changed it to 4, and voila - the output file is now 256 bytes,
> Seems odd, so I figure I don't understand it. Can someone enlighten me?

Well, if you're not going to study the files to figure out what it's
doing, post them so some of us can. I can't commit to doing it just
now, though, as I'm pretty busy at work and shouldn't even be reading
the list at all right now. :-)

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