It's been a hell of a week!, er WEEKS, MONTHS! VERY OT

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Date: Thu Feb 3 15:04:10 2005

GREAT finds!!!!
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Subject: It's been a hell of a week!, er WEEKS, MONTHS! VERY OT

> Monday night we were out celebrating and I got a call from an ex
> coworker. It turns out that due to illness and old age that he and his
> wife
> were moving out of their house and moving into an assisted living facility
> and he had to get rid of a LOT of stuff. This guy is a serious computer
> buff and he worked outside of Boston in the mid '70s and bought a lot of
> the early computers. This is the guy that I got one of my Altairs and it's
> disk drive from. I also bought my National Semiconductor Pacer and the
> Alpha Micro 100 computers from him. I was at his house early the next
> morning and here's what I got:
> (1) three complete Apple Lisas with Profile hard drives.
> (2) Guts for another Lisa.
> (3) Ohio Scientific Challanger in a travel case
> (4) SWTPC 6800 that looks absolutely brand new.
> (5) A large box of disk for the DEC Minc computer (he used to use one at
> Raytheon)
> (6) Several early Apple Macintoshs including a Color Classic.
> (7) Another Zenith MiniSport computer with the 2 inch cloppy drive. with
> disks.
> (8) Some original GI issue parts for the Inland M1 Carbine.
> (9) Piles of SW and docs.
> Went back yesterday (Wednesday) and got:
> (1) complete packages of LisaCalc, LisaWrite and LisaGraph for the Apple
> Lisa.
> (2) Commodore Pet with chicklet keyboard and cassette drive
> (3) Box of original tapes for the Pet.
> (4) Borroughs/Concurrent 286/12 computer with CRT and keyboard and 3 power
> supplies.
> (5) three boxs of OS/78 software. Possibly for the Minc.
> (6) HP 150 and 9153 hard drive
> AND!!!!!!!!
> An typewritten english translation of a German Army training manual for
> the German A4 (V2) rocket!! I've never seen anything like this before,
> it's over 4 inchs thick and FULL of information about the A4. The manual
> was clearly written during WW-II. I think the translation was probably
> done
> by the US Army Intellignce after the war but it doesn't say. I've got to
> find out more about where he got this from.
> I was supposed to go back today but his wife is very ill and he was at
> the hospital all day. I'm supposed to go back tomorrow. He still has a
> of KIM computers and a heap of accessories. :-)
> If this week continues at this rate I'll win the lottery before it's
> over! :-) :-)
> Joe
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