Greed-Bay Scam Warning

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 17:12:11 2005

Hi, Steve,

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On 03-Feb-05 at 15:56 Steve Thatcher wrote:

>just because he doesn't know what he is selling (i.e. a dump terminal
>like a Televideo looks like a monitor and keyboard), it is not necessarily
>a reason to call the whole thing a scam. I bought five 17" x 17" core
>memory cards from a guy years ago and he thought they were bubble memory.
>$1000 for a real Unisite programmer is actually very good. These things
>are was expensive. I have an invoice at work from one of them...

        Given current prices on Ebay, actually, it's not. Not unless the thing is loaded down with a full set of pin drivers, the hard drive option, and the Pinsite module. I paid around $1,200 for one of mine, but it was indeed loaded down as described, and it was a fairly late revision (one step below an XPi).

>I am not interested and I wouldn't buy it without pictures, inventory
>list, and an idea of working condition. Should anyone else buy it they way
>the ad was written - NO, BUT it doesn't have to be an automatic scam.

        No, but you have to admit it had all the warning signs of one. High opening bid with reserve, no feedback, no pictures.

        I actually got an E-mail back from the guy, calmly explaining that it was his first time on Ebay, and that I could come and see the unit if I were in Chicago. I'm not, obviously, but I wrote back to explain why I thought it was a scam. Hopefully, he'll have better luck on the next go-round.

        Keep the peace(es).

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