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From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Thu Feb 3 17:22:57 2005

On Feb 3 2005, 20:46, Pete Edwards wrote:
> No doubt this is a FAQ, but looking through the list archive and
> google have come up blank.
> I have here a M8637 memory module, no additional info on the board
> identify which variant, I would be expecting CA or EA, as down one
> side is printed "QBUS 2MB MOS MEMORY".
> Any hints on how to work out which it is?

In the metal strip along the back, there are two metal spacers. One
should have the module number (M8637) and the other should have the
version and manufacturing source (mine has "EF" in red, so it's a Rev.E
made in Hong Kong).

Does it matter? In other words, do you need the later revision with
the ASIC that works in an 11/83? That's the difference, the early ones
are supposedly 11/84-only, whereas the later ones are suitable for
11/84 or a totally QBus system.

If you know it came out of an 11/83 (or 11/73 or microVAX) you have the
later version.

There ought to be a clue in the part number on the etch. It will begin
50-15672 and then something like -01 C1. Mine happens to be
"50-15672-01 C1" which would at first glance suggest Rev.C, but AFAIK
the only difference is in the ASICs, so perhaps the board number wasn't
changed. The ASICs on mine are part numbers 21-24401-01 and
21-22772-01. If yours are the same, it's a Rev.E (mine is in an

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