Intellec MDS questions

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 19:12:18 2005

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>>>Paxton wrote:
>>>The MDS 800 did NOT originally have a hard disk controller. That didn't
>>>appear until much later, well into the Series 2 era. Since the MDS 800
>>>used Multibus, the HDC was available as a retrofit. In my experience, it
>>>was *very* rare to find an MDS 800 with an HDC, or even with the
>>>double-density FDC.
>> Dammed right! I've been looking for one for over ten years. I have the
>>drive but not the controller, docs or cables.
> I assume you are talking about the HDC controller
>and not the double density controller.


 I've only
>seen one HDC controller and that was when I was at Intel.

  Actually I have a pile of iSBC 215 HD controller's but they're configured
for the 86/330 systems and I don't have the proper PALs and jumper settings
for them for use in the MDS systems. I've even contacted the $third$party$
$upport people but they don't have them either.

>We had a 10Meg ( 5 fix/ 5 remove ) HD that was setup
>somehow as a server that we connected a mix of
>Series II's and 800's to.
> All of out labs 800's had M2FM double density controllers
>in them. I would suppose that they'd all been upgraded
>before I'd got there.

  I have never seen a SD drive controller in either a MDS-800 or a MDS-2xx
except for the controller that's built into the MDS-2xxs. I don't think
many people ever bought the SD setup.


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