Radio Shack slogan (was Re: [OT] USB KVM switches)

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 19:45:47 2005

> > In your place, I might well have called the guy an utter
> > moron, loud enough for everyone in the store to hear.
> I would choose to tell him politely how to correct his thinking.
> If he took the advice, it would benefit him, if not, his loss.
> Many* of the people on this list probably earn 2 ~ 3X what
> TRSlaves do so it only makes sence if one of us knows more.

Actually, I don;t expect salesdroids to know much (if any) electronics.
All I really need them to be able to do is get me the bits I ask for,
I'll give them the stock numbers, etc. Alas they often fall down doing

What I _don't_ expect them to do is give bad advice. They may not be able
to kelp me, they may not know the answer to the question. There's nothing
wrong in that. But to give incorrect, potentially damaging or dangerous
advice is not acceptable.

> John A
> *note I didn't say most. I know about the unemployment situation..

So do I. First-hand :-(

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