It's been a hell of a week!, er WEEKS, MONTHS! VERY OT

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Date: Fri Feb 4 00:56:15 2005

RE: the motivation between collecting computers vs. guns or stamps or anything
else... close to home are other technology hobbies, such as collecting gear
related to telegraphs, radios, typewriters, slide rules, calculators, etc....
what I always find very amusing is that the people in each of these hobbies,
ours includes, wind up saying "THOSE PEOPLE are crazy" without taking a look in
the mirror first.

We all do the same thing, just with different brands and technologies. Even
within our hobby, there are people who collect microprocessors, floppy disk
sleeves, tshirts, and yes, even handhelds/PDAs ... we're all different but the

Anyway, now it's my turn to quote Joe R., who last month on this list said I'm
"STUPID" (the all-caps are his) for my comment about how Windows XP really
isn't all that bad: I believe anyone who owns 16 guns, unless he happens to run
a paramilitary operation, is also pretty STUPID. (Requisite off-topic
political comment: the second amendment is fine, but who really needs two
semi-automatic guns that fire 100 rounds in 60 seconds? A simple shotgun or
pistol won't protect you from a robber at your house?)

Not at all like my own vice, which involves driving sports cars at triple-digit
speeds way beyond the limit on public roads, just for the fun of it.

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