More Info (was Re: HP 2100S microcode blanks?)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Fri Feb 4 02:24:44 2005

Jay wrote:
> Even finding 82S129's at 5 bucks a pop, still makes it painful for me to
> buy
> about 40 of them *sigh* I wonder if it's possible to move six 1K 82S129's
> into an 8K chip (I think 82S181) without the processor knowing it. Might
> make those Access IOP microcode chips more cost-effective.

The microcode is 24 bits wide, and no common PROMs are more than 8 bits
wide, so you'd need at least three PROMs in any case. But with big
PROMs, you could store more microcode options in the three PROMs.
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