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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Fri Feb 4 02:54:50 2005

>> And one of my pet peeves is people who assume that "emacs" means GNU
>> Emacs. Your description [...] most certainly doesn't describe the
>> Gosling variant I use.
> You mean the kitchen-sink aspect I assume...

Actually, most of it. The description I was responding to:

>>> emacs contains an entire lisp interpreter and will do just about
>>> anything (read mail, manage files, ...)

"[C]ontains an entire lisp interpreter" - no; the extension language
looks like lisp but isn't. "[R]ead mail" - no, or at the very least
not without substantial help from external code, basically making emacs
just a front-end for the real MUA. "[M]anage files" - I'm not sure
what that means; some of the plausible meanings it can do to an extent.
"..." - well, maybe. :-)

> I know there was a fork in emacs, but since I'm not a user of it I
> don't know about it, sorry.

The most major fork is probably the Gosling/Stallman split (I think
those were the principals). But there have been other emacsen, clear
back to the original assemblage of TECO macros, quite likely including
in-live-use variants I know nothing about. (I seem to recall something
called Unipress emacs, but I think that was just a commercialization of
a Gosling-branch version.)

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