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Date: Fri Feb 4 12:08:57 2005

On Fri, 4 Feb 2005, Patrick Finnegan wrote:

> > I've used $3/set plastic drink coasters to keep racks from rolling
> > on the liftgate. The kind with the 2-3mm rim and thin cork liner
> > work very well.
> The leveler feet on racks do just as well...assuming they aren't mangled
> from someone not realizing they were down when they moved the rack. ;)
> I was having issues with machines (which I had tie-strapped down)
> rolling around in the back of the truckload I brought back from WI in
> september. Once I stopped, and lowered the leveler feet, they racks
> completely stopped moving around in the back of the truck.

Even that is sometimes not enough to overcome the irresistable force of
inertia. Hans and I once moved a mint condition (never used!) Fujitsu
clone of an IBM 360 system (sort of comparable to the System/34) in the
back of a truck. We put its feet down, tied it a few times with some
small cord, and for good measure put a pallet of stuff in front of it
thinking it was enough to keep it from moving. Ha ha. Within a few
miles, it broke free of its moorings, shoved the pallet out of the way,
and then proceeded to slam dance all around the back of the moving van.
We didn't really know what was going on until we stopped at a traffic
light and heard a disconcerting "boom" emanating from the back of the
truck. We stopped to investigate and realized we couldn't open the back
roll-up door. The machine was planted against the control buttons of the
lift ramp, which was blocking the roll-up door, so we couldn't lower it.
We had to do the old drive-forward-a-foot-and-slam-on-the-brakes trick to
move the machine forward, which then enabled us to open the door and
discover the carnage. The machine was still in tact, but it had shed it's
side panels and trampled all over them in a fit of rage. One mint
condition computer now reduced to a bit less than that :( Kinda of
heart-breaking, but oh well. Panels are expendable.

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