More Info (was Re: HP 2100S microcode blanks?) MMI 63S140

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Fri Feb 4 11:50:31 2005

>From: "Eric Smith" <>
>Bruce wrote:
>The main problem is timing. Most bipolar PROMs are 55 ns or faster, and
>most EPROMS, EEPROMS, and Flash memory parts are 70 ns or slower. Likely
>the Motorola radio wasn't designed to take advantage of the speed of
>bipolar PROMs.

 Why not use a simple PIC with some of the static
RAM that was used for cache RAM of the 486 time frame.
These RAMs were quite fast. You could then use a single
flash RAM to hold the images and select which one to
load to the high speed RAM with a switch or such.
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