From: Hove, Jeff <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 16:41:31 2005

Hello Joe,

I found on a Google search that back on Oct 19, 2002 you posted to the Classic Computer list about having found some Sperry Univac uyk-20 computers.

My father was the field engineering manager for that system (and I think later the full program manager).

It was the first small computer for use on navy ships and submarines. I grew up around navy bases because he was always moving around to support new installations of that system. He even got to fly onto aircraft carriers to do repair work.

He is retired now but could probably answer most questions about the system.

I would love to find one of those to give him. Are there any left after all this time?

  Jeff Hove (but sending this from work)

PS->I collect old Univac items plus have a fairly large computer collection, mostly early HP and Heathkit.
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