Selling Intel 8096 VLSICE96 Development System

From: ROBO5.8 <>
Date: Fri Feb 4 13:50:02 2005

Hi Folks,

I thought I would see if there is any interest in my Intel development
system. If you are interested or have questions please communicate


The following "Ready to Run" system for sale:

1). Intel VLSICE-96 for the Intel 8096 microcontroller family - Pin Grid
Array probe (PGA)
2). Compaq Portable III (80286-12) PC 124.7MB Disk
3). All Intel VLSICE96 software (emulation and diagnostics)
4). Intel PL/M-96, ASM96, Linker/Locator and AEdit
5). Intel VLSICE96 Emulator Manual

Background: This is one of the last emulators made by Intel that used a
Bondout Chip. It is also one of the most powerful designs they produced in
that you can see and modify everything. This system comes bundled with an
old Compaq Portable III as a ready to run system. Intel for all its wisdom
wrote the emulator code with timing loops and self modifying code. So you
cannot run it on a modern CPU (especially one with L2 cache) nor will it
work on a reasonably fast older CPU.

Thanks Robo
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